Hillside Teachers' College

Hillside Teachers’ College is a government institution that provides teacher education for students who wish to be secondary school teachers. The College is in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second largest city.

Historical Background

The College was established in 1956 at Heany Junction and moved to its present site in 1962. It was the first college to be accorded Associate status by the University of Zimbabwe and its predecessors. This was done at the inception of the college.

Hillside Teachers’ College is the first Associate College of the University of Zimbabwe and the first College mandated to educate Post ‘A’ Level pre-service secondary school teachers. It has pioneered programmes in the education of practical and foreign languages teachers. The College curriculum keeps evolving in response to the needs of the education sector and national goals.

The College motto is “DISCIMUS UT DOCEAMUS”, meaning “We Learn in order to Teach”

College Campus

The College is located six kilometres south of the Bulawayo City Centre. It is situated on the north side of Cecil Avenue, between the main roads Old Esigodini Road and Hillside Road.

Our Mandate is to develop quality teachers for the lower and upper secondary schools in the country specialising in Science, Mathematics, Commercials, Practical Subjects, Languages and Humanities.

We aspire to be the premier centre in the development of innovative secondary school teachers in the country and the region.

We are committed to the development of an empowered, conscientious, creative and responsive teacher for the socio-economic transformation of the country.

  • Excellence

This value inspires the college community to recognise its members significant achievements and contributions. It challenges mediocrity. Striving for excellence touches all aspects of college life, from academic programmes to sports and arts, from students’ services to campus environment, from recruitment to publications and from special occasions to daily business.

  • Professionalism

Adherence to ethical standards through demonstration of positive attitudes, competences and cooperation at all levels in our professional conduct.

  • Resourcefulness

We are committed to developing a human resource that is full of inventiveness, ingenuity, astuteness and quick-wittedness in attending to issues.

  • Teamwork

We value individual excellence and work as a team for the benefit of Hillside Teachers’ College and its stakeholders through promotion of positive, collaborative, working and learning environment.

  • Honesty

We strive to promote truthfulness, fairness and sincerity in all our endeavors at all times.

  • Diversity

We endeavour to work effectively with all individuals of different capabilities, experiences and backgrounds.

  • Discipline

Self-regulation to conform to stipulated code of conduct for effective service deliver, discipline being the corner stone of all values.