English Department

The subject falls under the Languages Department.

People’s ability to express themselves is not merely a matter of the amount of their vocabulary or the length of sentences; it is how well they use the language they have in order to fulfil a variety of human needs.. Andrew Wilkinson

Therefore the English subject area seeks to develop a teacher who is articulate, resourceful and sensitive to the needs of learners in their diversity


Students who enroll for the subject in the two year programme must have passed English Language and Literature in English at O’ and Literature in English at A’ Level. While for the three year programme the students must have passed English Language and French at A’ Level.

Why English?

Marketing of the English department
• International language
• Enhancement of career options
• Communication skills
• Build of character- elegance
• Aims and objectives


A leader in the development of competitive secondary teachers in the region and the world at diploma and degree levels


To develop professional committed and reflective teachers for the lower, middle and upper secondary schools in Zimbabwe and beyond

• Language skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening skill development
• Languag-e phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics
• Literature

Western- poetry


African- poetry


• Methodology

Methods of teaching- languageand literature

• Patriotism
• Multicultural tolerance
• Ubuntu
• Integrity
• Versatility
• Entrepreneurship
• Professionalism

• Teacher in English
• Lecturer in English
• Publishing editor
• Publisher
• Writer
• Newspaper editor/ reporter
• Proof reader
• Television presenter
• Toastmaster

  • T Gumede- Background
  • N Siziba- Background