National and Strategic Studies (NASS)


  •  Defining Zimbabwe as a nation
  •  Allowing Zimbabwe to tell its story-through our national symbols, our flag , national anthem e.t.c
  •  Encouraging Zimbabweans to be proud of themselves and be proud of who they are.
  •  To produce a person likely to make the best use of Zimbabwe and its resources.
  •  To protect the young Zimbabweans from danger of being misled through ‘mis-education’
  •  To remove the ‘past was good , present is bad and future bleak’ mentality from both the old and the young.

Who should study NASS ?

The subject is offered to all the students who enroll at the institution. As of now there are no exemptions to those who might have studied NASS before enrolling at Hillside teachers’ college. In other words NASS is a compulsory subject .

NASS is a mass subject where every student has to attend lectures. Students are encouraged to research further besides attending lectures. Students are also free to form NASS clubs where they can share ideas on how, as Zimbabweans, they can share responsibility of building their nation for it to be a better place to live for no one will do it for them.


What is Studied in NASS

  •  Zimbabwe and international relations.
  •  Civic education
  •  Socio-economic development